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This event was to celebrate Island Paradise's being around for 2 years. It included: the Birthday Bash mini game and the following items:

Party Palm-received in Tropical Time vol. 04.

Birthday Bash Menu[]

This is accessed by clicking on Tropical Cake icon. The Birthday Bash mini game will be available for two weeks from August 25-September 8, 2011.

How to Play[]

You will have a minute to win as many Birthday Bucks as you can, but choose carefully. While 15 of the Tiki Masks hide different amounts of Birthday Bucks, 3 hide the dreaded Chicken of Doom! If you find the Chicken of Doom, you will loose all your Birthday Bucks for that round. When time runs out or if you press the Stop button, the round ends, and all the Birthday Bucks earned during that round are awarded. Then you can use the Birthday Bucks you have won to purchase special birthday items from the Birthday Bash Menu.

Of course, even if you do find a Chicken of Doom, it's not the end of the world. The game is free to play once every 30 minutes, but Islanders can also choose to spend 10 Meteor Credits to skip the wait time and play again immediately.[1]

What you can purchase with the Birthday Bucks[]


Candle Tree- 4500 Birthday Bucks

Birthstone Tree - 8000 Birthday Bucks

Birthday Fence- 2000 Birthday Bucks


Sugar Dragon- 70000 Birthday Bucks

Party Pony- 30000 Birthday Bucks


Tropical Icing- 5100 Birthday Bucks. Only need to purchase this crop once to unlock. The crop is only available from August 25-September 8, 2011.


Birthday Stove- 100000 Birthday Bucks

Birthday Loom- 150000 Birthday Bucks

Birthday Tiki Bar- 200000 Birthday Bucks


Plain Gladiolus- 375 Birthday Bucks

Party Horn Flower- 100 Birthday Bucks

Birthday Rocket- 1200 Birthday Bucks

Tiki Water Slide- 3600 Birthday Bucks

Pinata Nest- 6000 Birthday Bucks

Birthday Post- 500 Birthday Bucks


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