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The setup for Advent Calendar.

The event for Winter Holidays, it gives a coin prize for each day of logging in to play the game and starting on every 5th day, a special item. For instance, the first gift was available starting on the 5th day through to the 9th day inclusive, for whichever is the first day you log on to get your gift. You can only receive the gift once on those days and it will appear in your gift box. Coins are credited before players actually log in, so the only way of seeing whether or not the coins were credited is to record the number that you had the night before and compare.

The gifts started on December 1st and continued to December 31st. There were only 5 item gifts however.

While not specifically part of the Advent Calendar came the release of other limited edition items.


Although players may not see their coins go up, the amount given is added to the game before a player logs on for the first time that day.

If you received the Advent prize everyday in 2010 you received a total of 12460 c!

Limited Edition Items[]

Released November 23-December 10



Released December 2-18

Candy Cane Fence

Candy Cane Post

Stone Hearth

Winter Lamp Post

The Holiday Crate was also re-released from December 2-19. The items changed to only Holiday themed items. See Holiday Crate for more info.

Released on December 6

Chestnut Tree-until December 31

Poinsettia-until December 21

Released on December 9-24


Snow Covered Coconut Tree

Snow Covered Pine Tree

Blue Gnome

Re-released items

White Goose

Holiday Post

Holiday Fence


Re-released on December 13

Sandman- until December 24

Snowman- until December 28

Released from December 16-31, 2010

White Wolf

Giant Holiday Tree

Ice Cube Tree

Ice Cube Table

Ice Cube Lounger

Gingerbread Barn

Re-released items



Items available thru Gifting

Sleigh With Toys

Toy Soldier

Gifts Assortment

Giant Candycanes

Party Cracker

Holiday Gifting Crate

Re-released December 18-January 2

Holly Berry Bush

Christmas Tree


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