Island Paradise Wiki

It is no longer possible to block notifications due to changes on the Facebook API.

Blocking Receiving[]

This will not block sending your neighbors notifications if you steal from them. If you are not sure where any of these are, refer to the pictures below.

  1. Click the notifications icon in the grey Facebook chat bar at the bottom of the screen. The notfications menu should popup.
  2. Click 'See All'. You will be redirected to a page of notifications.
  3. Uncheck Island Paradise from the bar.

Island Paradise notifications should now be blocked. You will no longer have the option to undo stealing notifications as well.

The notifications icon is circled in red. The 'See All' is circled in blue.

Uncheck the icon circled in green.

Blocking Sending[]

Click 'Undo' quickly and your neighbor won't see the notification.

You cannot have a 'block all' for sending these notifications. You will have to undo each one.

  1. As you steal or adopt animals, you will notice a popup appearing on the lower right. (See picture)
  2. Click 'Undo' before it fades.
  3. The notification should now be undone and your neighbor will not see it.

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