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Decorations are Items that you can add to your island for... well... decoration. They come in four catagories: fences, flags, functional, and decorative. Buying decorations will give you 1 xp for every 100 c spent. The numbers are rounded down so there are no partial xp awarded such as 0.5xp. Most decorations can be sold, the exception are ones bought with Meteor Credits and special decorations. The ones that can be are sold are ones bought with coins. They can be sold at 5% of the purchase value, rounded up to the nearest coin.

Decorations can be moved into storage using the Move Tool. Decorations can also be made temporarily invisible using the Shift-D shortcut.

Note: The items that used be under the Seasonal tab can be found under Functional tab.


Placing any decorative item will unlock achievements. You must purchase the item, gifts and taking items out of storage will not count. Placing 10 decorative items unlocks Bargain Shopper, placing 50 decorative items unlocks Brilliant Buyer, placing 100 decorative items unlocks Extraordinary Decorator, placing 200 decorative items unlocks Feng Shui Employer, and placing 500 deorative items unlocks Tropical Designer, the final decorative item placing trophy. The count is cumlative, meaning that the first 10 items you place for Bargain Shopper will add to the Brilliant Buyer count and so on.


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Do you feel your creatively decorated island is worthy of attention? Then the Island Decoration Contest is just the thing for you! Players can submit a photo of their island into the contest to try and get their island featured on the loading screen.

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