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Your island can be upgraded to increase its size. To find the upgrades, click on the Shop Button then click on the "Upgrades" tab on the far right next to the "Boosts". Upgrades can be bought with coins or with Meteor Credits. Whether they are purchased with coins or Meteor Credits, upgrades are of the same size and shape.

Upgrades must be purchased in order. For instance, you cannot purchase Little Reef without having bought Sunny Isle first.

When upgrading...[]

Trees, animals, decorations, and flowers should all transfer over to the new island when upgraded. All the items will be in the middle of the new island when upgraded, they do not automatically become edges. It is recommended to wait until having harvested crops before upgrading however as crops have been known to disappear when islands are upgraded.

Fishing nets that have been cast may disappear.

Coins vs. Meteor Credits[]

When the MC to c conversion rate is considered, purchasing your Island Upgrades using Meteor Credits is actually cheaper than purchasing with coins. For instance, Tropical Haven cost 35,000 c, or 400 MC. 400 MC converted to coins is 8000 c (you cannot actually convert only 400 MC to c, the minimum is 500 MC). So players who purchase their island upgrade with MC actually get a better deal.

Price Fluctuations[]

Before an Island Upgrade is actually released, it may appear with a "Coming soon!" message in the upgrading menu. However all prices are subject to change before and after is released. This occurred with the Tropical Haven and the Tranquil Bay upgrade.

Island Expansions[]

Introduced on February 24, 2011 Island Expansions allow you to add additional islands to your main island. Currently you are limited to seven expansions. See Island Expansions for more info.

Island size[]

The following is a chart of the number of plots each island upgrade has. Grass plots refer to spots that are plowable and you can grow crops on. Sand plots are counted as the same size as a grass plot.

Upgrade Grass Plots Sand Plots Total
Basic 36 11 47
Sunny Isle 56 54 110
Little Reef 77 73 150
Sandy Atoll 98 83 181
Tropical Haven 126 92 218
Windswept Cay 167 112 279
Tranquil Bay 202 153 355
Grand Isle 243 187 430
Jumbo Barrier Reef 293 225 518
Colossal Cove 358 283 641
Luxury Lagoon 383 351 734
Prosperous Peninsula 466 443 909

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