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This tool is used to delete items from your island. Anything on your island can be deleted, except salvage, your Broken Boat, MC items, and your avatar.

This tool is also the sell tool, so when you "delete" an item on your island, you may also receive a small amount of coins, always less than what you paid for it. The only exceptions are animals such as the Lost Dog, Lost Cat and Kiwi, which sell for 0 c because you obtained them for 0 c.

What items cannot be deleted with the Delete Tool can be moved with the move tool into inventory.


Using the delete tool and clicking on a patch of fallow, plowed or planted land will change it back to grass. If you sell a plot of fallow land, you get 0 coins. If you sell a piece of plowed land, you get 1 coin. If you sell a plot of planted land (in any stage of growth), you get 5 coins. It is recommended that if you want to get your grass back that you sell fallow plots so you don't lose coins.

If you continually delete plots and replow/reseed, you can hit the daily XP cap.


This tool used to be called the Sell Tool and its icon looked like a small cash register.

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