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Released on December 16, 2009, Fishing allows players to make use of the large expanse of water surrounding their island. Fishing is a feature similar to that of salvaging, involving randomness, and small coin and exp rewards.

How to Fish[]

Fishing changed on September 22, 2011. This change gave you the option to use bait and fishing rods. You do not have to purchase bait or a fishing rod to be able to fish.

Once you click a fishing pool and save the game a roulette wheel will appear and spin. What it lands on is what you "caught". There is no wait time of five minutes anymore.


  • You can fish for free by click the Tide Pools. Tide Pools are marked by a group of three small rocks and are located along your shoreline.
  • Bait allows to attract different types of fish.
  • The different fishing rods allow you to fish in different areas of the sea.
  • The different areas of sea contain different types of fish.
  • You can access the bait and fishing rods you have bought clicking the Fishing Tackle icon located above the Change Avatar icon. See Gallery below for a picture.
  • Fishing traps purchased with coins expire in twice the hrvest time. For example a 12 hour trap expires 24 hours after it was set.
  • Fishing Traps allow to catch a lot of fish at one time. See the Fishing Rod chart for how many fish/items on average each type of trap catches.

Using Bait, Fishing Traps and Fishing Rods[]

  • You must equip your desired bait or fishing rod in the Fishing Tackle menu. This allows you to fish in different types of pools depending on the fishing rod you have equipped.
  • You must have bait to use any of the fishing rods.
  • Bait and Fishing Traps can be purchased 100 at a time by using the slider on the purchase screen.
  • Fishing Traps appear under the Fishing Rod menu once purchased. You do not need bait to use traps.
  • More info coming soon!

Types of fishing pools and fishing areas

Fishing pools will only show up on Southwest and Southeast(you may also to refer to these areas as the front of the island) sides. You can fish in both the light blue shallow area and the darker blue deep sea area. The light blue area contains Tide Pools, Coastal Pools and Shallow Pools. The deep blue area contains only the Deep Sea Pools.

There are four types of pools, which include:

Tide Pools[]

These pools show up in the area that touches your island's shore and are marked by set of three rocks. Fishing from these pools are free and do not require any bait or a fishing rod.

Coastal Pools[]

These pools show up in the area that touches your island's shore and are marked by area with a swimming fish silhouette. You can use any of the fishing rods here.

Shallow Sea Pools[]

These pools show up in the light blue sea area but does not touch your island's shore and are marked by area with a swimming fish silhouette. You can use following fishing rods here: Intermediate Fishing Rod, Expert Fishing Rod, or Fishmaster 2000.

Deep Sea Pools[]

These pools show up in the dark blue deep sea area and are marked by area with a swimming fish silhouette. You can use following fishing rods here: Expert Fishing Rod or Fishmaster 2000.


Players can purchase different types of bait in the "Functional" tab of the shop. You can purchase up to 100 of each type of bait at a time.

Image Types of Bait Cost Description
Tiddler bait.png Tiddler Bait C.png 5 One-time use bait that attracts junk, salvage, and small fish.
Middling bait.png Middling Bait C.png 10 One-time use bait that attracts junk, salvage, and medium-sized fish.
Whopper bait.png Whopper Bait C.png 15 One-time use bait that attracts junk, salvage, and large fish.
Super bait icon.png Super Bait Mc.png 5 This one-time use bait attracts small, medium, and large fish, and guarantees that you won't catch any junk.
Shellfish bait.png Shellfish Bait Mc.png 5 This one-time use bait attracts junk, salvage, and shellfish.
Sushi bait.png Sushi Bait Mc.png 5 This one-time use bait attracts junk, salvage, and sushi fish.

Fishing Rods[]

Players can purchase different types of bait in the "Functional" tab of the shop. All Fishing Rods are one time purchases and permanently unlocked after the initial purchase. Traps are one time use like Bait and can be purchased 100 at a time.

Image Types of Fishing Rod Cost Description Amount of Fish/Items caught
Beginner fishing rod.png Beginner Fishing Rod C.png 800 This beginner's rod can be used in coastal areas. 1
Intermediate fishing rod.png Intermediate Fishing Rod C.png 6400 This fishing rod can be used in both coastal areas and shallow seas. 1
Expert fishing rod.png Expert Fishing Rod C.png 12800 This fishing rod can be used in both coastal areas, shallow seas and deep seas. 1
Fishmaster 2000.png Fishmaster 2000 Mc.png 250 Can be used in coastal areas, shallow seas and deep seas, and guarantees that you won't catch any junk. 1
Fishmistress 2000.png Fishmistress 2000 Mc.png 250 Can be used in coastal areas, shallow seas and deep seas, and guarantees that you won't catch any junk. 1
Woven trap.png Woven Net Trap Mc.png 200 Place this one-time use trap in any fishing pool, leave it for 4 hours, then see what you caught! Fish never escape.
Bamboo trap.png Bamboo Fishing Trap C.png 2070 Place this one-time use trap in any fishing pool and leave it for 24 hours. Fish escape 48 hours after placement. 75-100
Traditional trap.png Traditional Fishing Trap C.png 2900 Place this one-time use trap in any fishing pool and leave it for 12 hours. Fish escape 24 hours after placement. 60-80

Fishing pools[]

The number of fishing pools depends on the island size. Fishing whirlpools are visible on the Basic Island, four on Sunny Isle, and five on all subsequent expansions. Fishingpools reappear randomly.

Fishing Hut[]

Having the Fishing Hut (level 49, cost=40,000 coins) allows you to have two additional whirlpools on your island. Note: You can only buy one fishing hut.


The Hanging Fish Net you can buy from the shop has nothing to do with fishing. It provides no benefits. The same applies with the Fish Sign, Tide Pool and Hermit Crab.


You can also obtain a variety of fish from various animals, for example: The Sea Monster can catch all of the fish you can catch from whirlpools, plus some other rare fish. The Seagull and Eagle catch Mackerel. The Polar Bear, Penguin and Holiday Polar Bear catch Yellowfin Tuna. The L'il Lagoon Lucy catches Shrimp. The Brown Bear catches Red Snapper. The Pelican catches Halibut. The Walrus catches Lobster. The Martial Eagle catches Grumpy Face Marlin. The Blue-Footed Booby catches Electric Eel.

Neighbor's Fishnets[]

When visiting neighbors, you can see any fishing lures they have cast and any ones ready for harvest. You do not see their fishing pools nor can you steal from their cast lures because each fish pool is considered an individual item, and stealing half a fish is silly. It is also not possible to steal an entire fish pool because it is not possible to steal more than 50% of anything.


You will receive one item per bait cast. So far, four types of things are known to be found in the nets: salvage, junk, fish, and (formerly) a special fish.



Picture Item Sell value Further uses
Bottle.jpg Bottle 3 C.png Ship in a Bottle, Wine-Steeped Plums, Sparkling Water, Drink Me Juice, Lynx Fur Bottle Warmer, Sea Globe, Firefly Lantern, Patchouli Perfume, Sweet Myrtle Perfume, Platinum Glasses, Recycled Glass Table, Recycled Glass Chair, Window Decor, Opal Tiara, Autumn Recycled Glass Candle, Ghost Lamp, First Aid Kit, Firefly Jar Chandelier
Boot.jpg Boot 4 C.png None
Briny Water.png Briny Water 5 C.png Pickles, Sea Salt, Green Mango Salt Water Taffy, Sauerkraut, White Lightning, Moonglow Ink, Ice Spike, Glue, Sea Globe, Neem Soap, Sand Castle, Brain Case
Kelp.png Kelp 10 C.png Seaweed, Sea Globe, Sea Beard, Water-logged Pants, Water-logged Robe, Chawanmushi Udon, Whale Snacks
Wood.jpg Driftwood 2 C.png Driftwood Loveseat
Soaked matchstick box.png Soaked Matchstick Box 8 C.png Ship in a Bottle
Tin.jpg Tin Can 5 C.png Tin Can Telephone


Picture Item Sell value Further uses
AntiqueHandMirror.png Antique Hand Mirror 23 C.png None
Davy jones' foot locker.png Davy Jones' Foot Locker 98 C.png None
Doubloons.png Doubloons 36 C.png None
EgyptianBust.png Egyptian Bust 66 C.png None
GrecianFigure.png Grecian Figure 51 C.png None
Three-dollar bill.png Three-Dollar Bill 1 C.png None


Picture Item Type Sell value Further uses
Aligator gar.png Alligator Gar large 40 C.png Grilled Alligator Gar
Anchovy.png Anchovy small 4 C.png Anchovy Pizza
Anglerfish.png Angler Fish medium 140 C.png Angler with Mango Papaya Salsa
Arrowana.png Arrowana large 177 C.png
Bass.jpg Bass medium 14 C.png Pan-Roasted Bass and Potatoes
Bluecrab.png Blue Crab medium 120 C.png Blue Crab Dip, Crab Cakes, Stuffed Blue Crab
Bony Fish.png Bony Fish medium 60 C.png Bony Fish Soup, Hearty Fish Stew
Carp.png Carp medium 15 C.png
Cephalopod.png Cephalopod large 84 C.png
Cod.png Cod medium 25 C.png Pepper-Crusted Fish
Coelacanth fish.png Coelacanth large 486 C.png
Cookiecutter shark.png Cookiecutter Shark small 33 C.png
Crab.png Crab medium 18 C.png Jerk Crab, California Roll
Diplo.png Diplomystos small 80 C.png Fish Cakes, Ibacho-Dunked Diplomystos, Thai Whole Fish with Potatoes
Dunkleo.png Dunkleosteus large 60 C.png Pinenut-Crusted Dunkleosteus, Fish Cake Soup
Electric-Eel.jpg Electric Eel medium 100 C.png Electric Eel with Rice, Rainagi Roll
Flounder.png Flounder medium 26 C.png
Giant clam.png Giant Clam large 55 C.png Clam Chowder
Giant Squid ? 325 C.png Calamari Me Spanaki
Goldfish.png Goldfish small 13 C.png
Groenlandaspis.png Groenlandapis small 160 C.png Monster Bento Box
Grouper.jpg Grouper medium 16 C.png Steamed Fish with Soybeans, Tropical Salad Bowl
Marlin.jpg Grumpy Face Marlin large 30 C.png Grilled Marlin, Marlin with Mulberry Sauce, Marlin Steak
Guppy.jpg Guppy small 6 C.png Fish and Chips
Haddock.png Haddock medium 17 C.png
Haikouichthys.png Haikouichthys small 20 C.png Baked Haikouichthys
Halibut.png Halibut medium 9 C.png Grilled Halibut with Persimmon, Halibut Hand Roll, Moroccan Spiced Halibut, Chawanmushi Udon, Malt-Battered Fish
Herring.png Herring medium 20 C.png Pickled Herring
Jellyfish.png Jellyfish small 67 C.png
Koi.png Koi medium 78 C.png
Lanternfish.png Lanternfish small 28 C.png
Lobster.jpg Lobster medium 40 C.png Brazilian Lobster and Scallops, Buttered Lobster, Lobster with White Truffle Oil, Lobster Roll
Mackerel.jpg Mackerel medium 6 C.png Ceviche, Kimchi, Mackerel Pasta Salad, Pineapple Glazed Fish, Whale Snacks
Mahi-Mahi.jpg Mahi Mahi large 9 C.png Macadamia Crusted Mahi Mahi, Mahi Mahi and Red Citrus Sauce
Monkfish2.jpg Monkfish medium 30 C.png Baked Monkfish, Grilled Monkfish, Monkfish Fillet, Pan-Roasted Monkfish
Napoleonfish ? 35 C.png Gingered Napoleonfish
Ocean sunfish.png Ocean Sunfish large 211 C.png
Piranha.png Piranha small 58 C.png
Plaice.png Plaice medium 27 C.png
Prawn.png Prawn small 24 C.png Candlenut Prawn Sambal
Pufferfish.png Puffer Fish medium 80 C.png Fugu Sushi
Rainbow.jpg Rainbow Trout medium 11 C.png Rainbow Trout Roll, Rainbow Trout Beurre Blanc
Ray.png Ray medium 46 C.png
Red-Snapper.jpg Red Snapper medium 8 C.png Grilled Red Snapper on Rice, Red Snapper en Papillote, Wasabi Roll
Rockfish.png Rockfish medium 45 C.png Spicy Rockfish
Ruby-veiltail.jpg Ruby Veiltail medium 25 C.png Fish Tacos, Kumquat Glazed Fish, Ackee & Saltfish
Salmon2.jpg Salmon medium 50 C.png Baked Salmon Roll, Baked Salmon with Pineapple Salsa, Smoked Salmon
Sardine.png Sardine small C.png Sardines in Zesty Tomato Sauce
Sea-Urchin.jpg Sea Urchin small 70 C.png Raw Sea Urchin, Sea Urchin Ceviche, Sea Urchin on Rice, Sea Urchin with Pasta
Shrimp.jpg Shrimp small 10 C.png Baked Monkfish, Candlenut Prawn Sambal, Gumbo, Shrimp Tacos, Southwestern Special, Spring Roll, Tempura Shrimp Roll, Thai Basil Shrimp
Sole ? 28 C.png Pan-Seared Sole
Tiger shark.png Tiger Shark large 101 C.png
Tilapia.png Tilapia medium 31 C.png
Toothy-Redtail.jpg Toothy Redtail medium 20 C.png Curry Redtail Steak, Fried Redtail and Potatoes, Redtail Casserole
Trout.png Trout medium 22 C.png
Viperfish.png Viperfish small 89 C.png
WhiteScallop Small Noback.png White Scallop small 12 C.png Brazilian Lobster and Scallops, Crabapple Scallops, Scallops on Crackers, Paella, Spicy Scallop Hand Roll
Yellowfin-Tuna.jpg Yellowfin Tuna large 7 C.png Ahi Tuna Steak, Seared Tuna on Pasta, Tuna Roll, Tuna Salad, Tuna Tartare with Quail Egg, Yellowfin Sashimi, Tuna and Salmon Roll, Whale Snacks

Special Fish[]

Picture Item Type Sell value Further uses
Parrot.jpg Parrot Fish Special Fish 20 C.png If you played Little Rock Pool, Meteor Games' other (now defunct) game, you could use it in your rock pool.

Released on March 19, 2010, the Parrot Fish could be caught while fishing. It was not a fish you could keep in your inventory on Island Paradise, but rather it automatically transferred to your gift box in Little Rock Pool, Meteor Games' other game. (Little Rock Pool is now closed and can no longer be played). You gained 20 c (on Island Paradise) for fishing it, giving you a net gain of 19 c. The 20 c you gained for fishing the Parrot Fish was automatically added to your balance when your avatar collected the fish from the net, not when you clicked "Skip" or "Go to Little Rock Pool".


Catching any fish (that means the salvage you get, such as wood or tin can, do not count) will unlock achievements. Catching 10 fish unlocks the Fish Line Novice, catching a total of 50 fish unlocks Reel Savvy, catching 100 fish unlocks Hook Hound, catching 250 fish unlocks Bait Expert and catching 500 fish unlocks Net Master, the final fishing trophy. The count is cumulative, meaning that the first 10 fish you catch for Fish Line Novice will add to the Reel Savvy fish count and so on.



  • Casting nets used to cost 5 c.
  • Catching a Toothy Redtail used to allow players to automatically make a post. (no longer available)
  • Catching Parrot Fish used to give no coins whatsoever, so players actually lost a coin when they caught the Parrot Fish.
  • No matter what you catch, when you make the "Catch of the Day" post, the picture shows a Mackerel. (no longer available)
  • "Grumpy Face Marlin" was originally a placeholder name for the fish, made up by the artist that drew it. The designers of the game liked it, so the name stayed.