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So, what can I put in there?

Ingredients refers to any of the products used in Cooking, Designs and the Tiki Bar, whether it is from crops, fishing, animals, trees, or recipes.


Ingredients are not interchangeable. They must be exact. For example, you cannot make Cheese with Goat's Milk, only the milk from the Cow, Brown Cow, Holstein Cow, Bali Cow, Jolly Roger Cow and Highland Cow will work. Only the regular Eggs from Chickens, English Game Hens, Flamingos, Party Chickens, Dodo, and Grey Chicken will work to make a Small Omelette. The same applies to all ingredients in all recipes.


An important part of understanding cooking ingredients is to understand item values. When you harvest a single crop, animal, or tree, you usually receive more than one item. For example, if you plant a plot in Raspberry seeds, those seeds will grow into a bush with about 10 Raspberries (remember that many plants are subject to variable yield and stealing). In the shop, you can see that the entire Raspberry bush of 10 Raspberries will sell for 30 coins. That means each single Raspberry sells for 3 coins. This is the item value. For the value of all of the ingredients needed for each recipe, see the table on the recipe page. All recipes will cook items that are worth more coins than the value of their ingredients.

Various Uses for Ingredients[]

Ingredients are use for both Cooking and Designs. See the specific pages for total ingredients used.


Ingredients for Coin Recipes- for recipes that only use coin ingredients.

Ingredients for MC Recipes- for recipes that use at least one MC ingredient.


Ingredients for Coin Designs- for designs that only use coin ingredients.

Ingredients for MC Designs- for designs that use at least one MC ingredient.

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