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This tool is used to move and rotate items on your island. Crops can't be moved with the Move tool. You can also move items to your inventory.

Moving things on your island[]

Items on your island can be moved with the move tool. Click the move tool then the item you wish to move. Click the spot where you want to place the item.

Keep in mind items cannot be placed too closely together. The Shift-M map helps determine how closely objects can be placed together.


Some decorative items such as the Beach Chair or the Beach Lounger can be rotated. You can check if an item can be rotated by hovering over it with the move tool. If a blue button pops up, you can rotate the item.[1] Fences can also be rotated, although they've been known to cause trouble and not rotate. This probably can usually be solved by moving the fence to an open area, rotate to the correct orientation wanted, then move into place.[1]

When zoomed out, the rotation button may appear too large so players are unable to pick up the item they want to move. Players can zoom in and pick them up then, as the rotation button remains the same size.

Moving to Inventory[]

All things with the exception of the Barn, crops, animals and your avatar can be moved directly into storage. To move an item to your inventory, click on the item with the move tool and hover over the inventory button. This should cause the treasure chest icon to pop open (a creaking sound can be heard) and allow you to place the item in.

The Barn cannot be stored.

Crops are stored by checking "Stored harvested items?" in your inventory.

Animals are stored by purchasing a Barn and moving them in.

On December 17, 2009, Trees and flowers can also be moved into inventory. Their harvest times will also be reset, so they will start out as tiny buds again.


  • Before December 16, 2009, Animals could not be stored at all. But on March 30th, animals could only be stored in the barn, where before they could be stored in storage.

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