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This is an archive of old poll results from the polls on the Main Page. The older the poll is, the further down the list it is. New polls are listed first. All dates use the PST (Pacific Standard Time) timezone. The dates are in the format of YYYY.MM.DD. Choices on the poll are separated by ;.

Starting Date Finishing Date Question Choices Choice with most votes
2010.09.04 What do you think of the Gumdrop Bushes Crop? They have great xp and profit!; I love the bright blue of the bushes; They make me want some real candy; I don't like them
2010.08.20 2010.09.o4 Do you have a Monkey? Yes, Not Yet; No Yes with 172/191 votes
2010.07.17 2010.08.20 How awesome is Echo? Awesomely awesome; Super awesome; More awesome then words can describe More awesome then words can describe with 60/68 votes
2010.07.03 2010.07.17 Have you ever seen Ollie (aka TPOSG) while playing Island Paradise? Yes, and I know how to make him appear; Yes, randomly; No/Who's Ollie?; No, But I have seen a Surfer dude or Ghost or Mummy or Leprechaun or Elf or Strange Man No/Who's Ollie? with 33/69 votes
2010.06.26 2010.07.03 How many different types of pets do you have on your island? 1; 2; 3/Only the Dog, Cat and Rabbit; 4-5; 6-7 6-7 with 22/51 votes
2010.06.12 2010.06.26 What level are you? 0-10; 11-20; 21-30; 31-40; 41-50 31-40 with 60/146 votes
2010.06.05 2010.06.12 What do you think of the new floating decorations? Love them!; I like them; Don't like them; Too many are brought with MC!; Huh? What floating decorations? Too many are brought with MC! with 55/70 votes
2010.05.29 2010.06.05 How long have you been playing Island Paradise? Less then a month; 1-3 months; 4-6 months; 7-9 months 7-9 months with 34/71 votes
2010.05.15 2010.05.29 What is your favorite type of crop to plant? Short crops; Medium crops; Long crops; I don't care Tie-Short crops and Medium Crops with 58/201 votes
2010.05.08 2010.05.15 What do you think of the new Animania Mystery Crate? Way cooler than the old one!; It's ok.; Don't care.; What new crate? Way cooler than the old one! with 49/145 votes
2010.05.01 2010.05.08 How likely are you to buy the Wither Eliminator? I already got one!; Definitely will.; Probably, yes.; No thanks. No thanks. with 121/148 votes
2010.04.24 2010.05.01 What do you think of Tranquil Bay? Love the space!; It's ok.; Don't care.; Don't like it. Love the space! with 141/164 votes
2010.04.17 2010.04.24 What is your favorite adoptable animal? Kiwi; Turtle; White Peacock; Alpaca; Flamingo; Seagull Seagull with 166/293 votes
2010.04.10 2010.04.17 How much do you like the barn upgrades? Love them!; I like them.; Don't really care.; Dislike them.; Hate them. Love them! with 75/202 votes
2010.04.03 2010.04.10 What do you think of the egg hunt? Fun!; It was ok.; Boring.; Did not participate. Fun! with 112/229 votes
2010.03.27 2010.04.03 How would you rate Meteor Games' customer service? Excellent; Good; Acceptable; Poor; I have never had contact with them before. Excellent with 61/145 votes
2010.03.20 2010.03.27 How cool is it that Dragonfruit returned for the weekend? Super cool; Crazy cool; Intensely cool; I didn't play this weekend so I missed it Super cool with 127/168 votes
2010.03.13 2010.03.20 How many achievements do you currently have? 0; 1-15; 16-30; 31-45; 46-60; 61+ 31-45 with 65/170 votes
2010.03.06 2010.03.13 Which kind of article would you like to see more of on this wiki? Item articles (such as decorations); Skill guides (such as cooking and fishing); Stats on items (such as crops, trees, animals); General game play information (such as shortcuts); Other General game play information (such as shortcuts) with 49/127 votes