Blue Gem Salvage

Oooh, sparkly!

Salvage takes many forms and can be found on the player's own island as well as on their neighbors. Salvage, if it appears, will appear near at the shoreline. Salvage will only appear on the player's or neighbor's Island from the lower right portion of the Island to the upper left corner of the Island, closest to the player. In other words salvage will never appear on the "back" side of the island, farthest away from the player. Salvage can and does appear behind decorations near shorelines. Therefore care should be taken to avoid completely covering shorelines with decorations, lest salvage may hidden from view.

On November 3, 2011 a new type of salvage was released- ocean salvage. This salvage appears in the ocean including the darker blue sections and not along your shoreline. The type of salvage you can find in the ocean and along the shoreline are not the same.

All salvage gives 1 xp and a varying number of coins. The number players see popping up by their cursor when they click on a piece of salvage is the number of coins they gain, not the number of xp.

Salvage found on neighbor's islands can be taken at no cost to the neighbor because all salvage that a player sees upon their neighbor's island is not seen by the neighbor. Therefore salvaging is not the same thing as stealing. Salvage may be partially hidden behind the players own avatar or animals (such as a cow) when visiting neighbor islands. If this is the case, a sharp eye is needed to spot it.

Types of salvageEdit

These include a Tin Can, Bottle, Blue Gem, Pearl, Seashell, Wood, Boot and Treasure Chests.

Item Item Name Reward
Ip wood Piece of Wood 3 c
Ip bottle Bottle 4 c
Ip boot Boot 5 c
Ip can Tin Can 6 c
Ip shell Seashell 40 c
Ip pearl Pearl 60 c
Ip gem Blue Gem 80 c
MC salvage vase MC vase 1 MC
MC salvage gem MC gem 10 MC
Krone MC crown 50 MC
LampOnBeach Genie's Lamp 1 XP
Ocean Salvage
Ship in a bottle salvage Ship in a Bottle 60 c
Floating treasure chest Floating Treasure Chest 80 c

MC SalvageEdit


The wall posting.

Introduced on May 13, 2011. Clicking this salvage gives you Meteor Credits and also gives you a pop-up that you can post to your wall. The post will give the first five neighbors that click the post five MCs.

There are three kinds of MC salvage that you can find: Vase gives you 1 MC, Gem gives you 10 MC, Crown gives you 50 MC.

Occurrence of SalvageEdit

A change on October 7, 2010 made Salvage appear every 5 minutes. Previously salvage appeared every 30 minutes. In addition to the time difference up to 3 pieces of salvage can appear on your island at one time.


Salvage 01

Do you think the goat will eat it?

Gathering salvage (both on your neighbor's islands and your own) will unlock achievements. Picking up 10 pieces of salvage unlocks Sand Comber, picking up 50 pieces of salvage unlocks Beach Sweeper, picking up 100 pieces of salvage unlocks Shore Restorer, picking up 250 pieces of salvage unlocks Sea Cleaner, and picking up 500 pieces of salvage unlocks Salt-Water Steward, the final picking up salvage trophy. The count is cumulative, meaning that the first 10 pieces of salvage you pick up for Sand Comber will add to the Beach Sweeper count and so on.


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