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The same area before(left) and after(right) using the Shift D command. Notice flowers do not disappear.

Shift-D is a keyboard command added on the 28th of December, 2009. It hides all decorations (not including the Broken Boat) until Shift-D is used again. An update on September 8th made it so decorations do not re-appear when the game saves. Flowers are not considered a decoration and are not hidden by this function. The decorations are not actually gone when this function is used. They are there, but just invisible. This means that your avatar still cannot walk through that area, they must walk around it.

Some decorations, like the Dragon Kite and Pot of Gold will only have parts of it disappear. In the case of the kite, the dragon remains floating above while the reel on the ground disappears. In the case of the Pot of Gold, the rainbow remains while the pot disappears.

Keep in mind that none of the keyboard commands function in full screen mode as it is a limitation of Flash. This also includes naming animals, naming your island and captioning photos. You also have to click inside the game window first (that means not the white space around it). Make sure you are pressing the shift key and not the ctrl key. Make sure you are pressing and holding the Shift key while tapping the D key. Pressing them separately will not cause anything to happen.


  • The Shift-D keyboard command came at the same time as the Shift-S command was removed.

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