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Pressing this shortcut while upon your own island will temporarily hide all flowers. To undo, simply wait or press Shift-F again. The flowers will also reappear when the game auto-saves.

Keep in mind that none of the keyboard commands function in full screen mode as it is a limitation of Flash. This also includes naming animals, naming your island and captioning photos. You also have to click inside the game window first (that means not the white space around it). Make sure you are pressing the shift key and not the ctrl key. Make sure you are pressing and holding the Shift key while tapping the F key. Pressing them separately will not cause anything to happen.

Old Use of Shift-F[]

The old use of Shift-F which made the fps appear.

Shift-F used to make a small counter appear in the bottom left of the game screen. It shows the fps of the island, or the frames per second. With more animals and other animated items on the island, the fps decreases causing the animations to slow, and vice versa. This is why there is an Animal Limit.

Keyboard Commands
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