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This button takes you to the shop, where you can buy Animals, Crops, Trees, Flowers, Decorations and Boosts for your island.

Previewing what you buy[]

You can 'preview' what you want to buy. For instance, if you want to purchase a piece of decoration, you can click to buy it from the shop then hold it out to examine. As long as you do not click on your island to buy it, you can view it as you please. To make it go away, click the Tools Tool.


On August 3, 2010 additional tabs were added to the bottom section of the shop menu. These tabs are- Level, Cost, Name, and New Items. These tabs allow you to organize a section on shop based on the level, cost or name of an item. Clicking the tab once will organize the items from lowest to highest level/cost(or A to Z for the Name) and clicking the tab a second time will organize the items from highest to lowest Level/Cost(or from Z to A for the name).

Clicking on the New Items tab will display all new items recently added. This tab can be further organized by clicking on Level, Cost or Name.

Tiki Tools[]

You can purchase Tiki Tools from the shop here. If you purchase a Seeder (whether it is Tiki or Mega), it will appear when you mouse over the shop icon.

See also[]

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