Tip Bar

The bar as it appears just below the game window.

This convenient little bar is found below the game screen. Clicking it will cause it to change the message. So far, these are the messages it shows.
  • "Tip: Press Shift-T to temporarily hide all your trees!"
  • "Tip: Become a Fan! Fans are the first to hear all the newest, coolest additions to Island Paradise!"
  • "Tip: Have you tried FullScreen Mode? Click the Full-Screen icon in the lower right!"
  • "Tip: will wither in three times the time it takes them to grow. A 4-hour crop will wither 12 hours after planting!" (note that this is no longer true with the new withering system)
  • "Tip: You can steal three items from each of your friends per day."
  • "Tip: The more friends you have, the more salvage you can collect!"
  • "Tip: You can remove unwanted features by deleting them. Click the delete icon and then the item you wish to delete."
  • "Tip: Running out of space? You can increase the size of your island by clicking the Map and then 'Island Upgrades'."

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