Island Paradise Wiki

You can check to see if you have blocked Island Paradise feed by opening the Filter. If the Filter tells you "No posts to display." then you have blocked Island Paradise.

How to Unblock[]

See the images below if you are not sure you are following the correct steps.

  1. Open your feed to the Top News. Do not open the Most Recent. It will not work there.
  2. Click 'Edit Options' (circled in red below).
  3. Click 'Applications' (circled in green below, second picture).
  4. Scroll down and find Island Paradise.
  5. Click 'Add to News Feed' (circled in yellow below).
  6. Click 'Close'(circled in red below).
  7. Refresh the page and you should be able to see all your neighbor's posts!

Other Areas to Check[]

Blocked Applications[]

  1. Open your Privacy Settings and find the list of blocked applications, which can be found here.
  2. If Island Paradise is in that list then you'll click the remove button to unblock it.

Applications Settings[]

  1. Open your Applications Settings page, which can be found here.
  2. Find Island Paradise in the list and click on "Edit Settings"
  3. Under Additional Permissions, make sure you have "Publish to Streams" checked

Note: The "Publish to Streams" option does not display for everyone.

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