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BlackSheep.png There is a bug with Withered Crops currently. See the Bugs page for more information.

Some withered Taro Root.

Crops now have three ways they can "wither" when you fail to harvest it. They will wither in 3 times the time it takes them to grow. For example, if you planted Taro Root, some of it will wither 12 hours (3 x 4 hours) after seeding. So if you had planted your Taro Root at noon, some of it will wither at midnight. [1]

Reviving Withered Crops

Withered crops can be revived by a player's neighbours. You cannot revive your own crops.

To do this, one must purchase any one Tiki tool, which causes a bar of Tiki Power to appear in top left corner of the game. Then, the player must go to their neighbor's island and hover their mouse over a withered crop. A golden watering can will appear. A click will then revive the plot. Each plot which is revived costs the player five points of Tiki Points but gives them 3 xp points and the chance to steal from the revived crop.

Revived crops behave as if they had just ripened. Meaning that if you had planted Taro Root, let it die, and a neighbor revived it, it has 8 hours before it withers again. Crops will also be restored to the state they were before they were stolen from, if they had been stolen from.

Disabling Wither

It is possible to turn off the withering of crops on your island. You can purchase the Anti-Wither Totem for 200 MC for a 7 day no-wither period. If you have a Wither Eliminator, it will turn it off forever.


  • Crops used to wither by 3 different possibilities. The first was that they wither by 3x (that is what we have now), the second is that they wither by 4x and the third is that they don't wither. Which crops withered by which rule and how many was entirely random. This was changed as of April 29, 2010.

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